I am NOT affiliated with Scott Alexander!!!
All posts on this site were written by Scott Alexander, I did not write them!!!

What is this?

A mobile-friendly, fast reader for Astral Codex Ten. I got tired of substack crashing on my laptop so I put all his posts on this site.

How does this work?

This is based on timf34/Substack2Markdown which I modified to work with Github Pages (ACXReader/Substack2Jekyll). I also set up a Github Actions workflow to check for new ACX posts every 10 minutes and commit them to this repo.

This website uses the Minima Jekyll theme.

What makes this better / worse?


  • Slow on desktop
  • Slow on mobile
  • Comments

astralcodexten.com with js disabled

  • Distracting warning on desktop
  • Hard to do on mobile on a per-site basis
  • No comments

Data Secrets Lox

  • Good on desktop
  • Hard to use on mobile
  • Non-Substack comments

ACX Reader

  • Fast on desktop
  • Fast on mobile
  • Occasional formatting error
  • Boring interface (good for reading)
  • No comments