Thanks to the 7,341 people who took the 2022 Astral Codex Ten survey.

See the questions for the ACX survey

See the results from the ACX Survey (click “see previous responses” on that page1)

I’ll be publishing more complicated analyses over the course of the next year, hopefully starting later this month. If you want to scoop me, or investigate the data yourself2, you can download the answers of the 7000 people who agreed to have their responses shared publicly. Out of concern for anonymity, the public dataset will exclude or bin certain questions3. If you want more complete information, email me and explain why, and I’ll probably send it to you.

Download the public data (.xlsx , .csv)

If you’re interested in tracking how some of these answers have changed over time, you might also enjoy reading the 2020 survey results.

  1. I don’t think I can Google Forms only present data from people who agreed to make their responses public, so I’ve deleted everything identifiable on the individual level, eg your written long response answers. Everything left is just things like “X% of users are Canadian” or “Y% of users have ADHD”. There’s no way to put these together and identify an ADHD Canadian, so I don’t think they’re privacy relevant. If you notice anything identifiable on the public results page, please let me know.

  2. There will be a few confusing parts. I added some questions halfway through, so they will have fewer responses than others. On the “What Event Led To Your Distrust?” question, I added new multiple choice responses halfway through, so they will incorrectly appear less popular than the other responses. I think that is the only place I did that, but you can email me if you have any questions.

  3. I deleted email address (obviously), some written long answers, some political questions that people might get in trouble for answering honestly, and some sex-related questions. I binned age to the nearest 5 years and deleted the finer-grained ethnicity question. I binned all incomes above $500,000 into “high”, and removed all countries that had fewer than ten respondents (eg if you said you were from Madagascar, it would have made you identifiable, so I deleted that). If you need this information for some reason, email me.