We have three Bay Area meetups this weekend:

  • Berkeley , at 1 PM on Sunday 9/18, at the Rose Garden Inn (2740 Telegraph Ave)

  • San Francisco , at 11 AM on Sunday 9/18, “in the Panhandle, between Ashbury and Masonic, with an ACX sign”

  • San Jose , at 2 PM on Saturday 9/17, at 3806 Williams Rd. Please RSVP to David Friedman (ddfr[at]daviddfriedman[dot]com) so he knows how many people are coming.

I will be at the Berkeley one.

Feel free to come even if you’ve never been to a meetup before, even if you only recently started reading the blog, even if you’re not “the typical ACX reader”, even if you hate us and everything we stand for, etc. There are usually 50-100 people at these so you should be able to lose yourself in the crowd.

Shouldn’t we have planned meetups further apart for people who wanted to go to multiple of them? Yes, and this is directly my fault, up to and including rescheduling to avoid the San Jose one . . . right on to the same day as the San Francisco one. Sorry, I’ll try to do better next time.

Also coming up this weekend are meetups in Washington DC, Atlanta, Columbus, Providence, Cape Town, Cambridge (UK), Kuala Lumpur, Chicago, Houston, Toronto, New Haven, Bangalore, and many more. See the list for more details.