Thanks to everyone who has waited patiently for more information on this.

I planned a book review contest for last summer, which I didn’t get to do because of my unexpected hiatus. I currently have 31 entries, none of which I’ve read yet.

My plan is to give the rest of you until March 1 to send in reviews. Send them to scott[at]slatestarcodex[dot]com. I originally wanted ones that you hadn’t already posted somewhere else first, but if you posted it over the last ~year because you didn’t know if I was coming back, I guess that’s fair and I’ll make an exception this time.

Sometime after March 1 I’ll read all of them, publish the top ~5 as posts here, and let people vote on the winners using some method that combines and weighs their votes and mine. First place will get at least $1000, second place $500, third place $250 - I might increase these numbers later on. Some winners may also get an invitation to pitch me any other pieces they have that they think would make good SSC posts. I may also release non-finalist entries somewhere else so people can read them – if you strongly object to me making your entry public, let me know.

I previously said to send me entries in .txt format with hand-written HTML. If you’ve already done that, you’re fine and don’t need to change. If you’re submitting a new entry, you can either do that or send me a normal Word/Google document type thing - I think Substack’s interface should be able to handle it.

Please send me only your own work (or together with a teammate who also agrees to have it entered). In your email to me, please also include the name you want me to attribute your review to – that could be your real name, your first name plus an initial, your pseudonym, etc. When you send a review, unless you say otherwise you are granting me full rights to republish it however I want, either on this blog (if it’s a finalist) or as part of a list of non-finalists (if it’s not). You also maintain all rights to it and can publish it elsewhere if you want.

I’ll keep checking the comments here and answering any questions you might have.