Thanks to everyone who participated or voted in the Book Review Contest. The winners are:

Progress and Poverty , reviewed by Lars Doucet

Lars is a Norwegian-Texan game designer, and you can read his game design blog here. He’s a pretty serious Georgist and posts regularly in the Georgism subreddit.

Down And Out In Paris And London , reviewed by Whimsi

Whimsi blogs here, but otherwise asks to remain mysterious.

On The Natural Faculties , reviewed by ELP.

E is a researcher and an author of the blog Slime Mold Time Mold

Disunited Nations vs. Dawn Of Eurasia , reviewed by Misha Saul

Misha is an investor in Sydney, Australia, and blogs here.

And congratulations to all other finalists (here listed in order of appearance), whose secret identities were:

Order Without Law , reviewed by Phil Hazelden
Are We Smart Enough To Know How Smart Animals Are , reviewed by Jeff Russell
Why Buddhism Is True , reviewed by Eve Bigaj
Double Fold , reviewed by Boštjan P
The Wizard And The Prophet , reviewed by Maryana
Through The Eye Of A Needle , reviewed by Tom Powell
Years Of Lyndon Johnson , reviewed by Theodore Ehrenborg
Addiction By Design , reviewed by Ketchup Duck
The Accidental Superpower , reviewed by Jon Boguth
Humankind , reviewed by Neil Roques
The Collapse Of Complex Societies , reviewed by Etirabys
Where’s My Flying Car , reviewed by Jonathan P
How Children Fail , reviewed by HonoreDB
Plagues And Peoples , reviewed by Joel Ferris (who is looking for a job, email here)

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People who won the top prizes also get monetary awards. Due to the generosity of subscribers to this blog, I’ve decided to quintuple the amounts I originally promised - so first place will get $5000, second place $2500, and third place $1250. Readers’ Choice will also get $1250. If you won a monetary prize, please email me at with either a Paypal account, an Ethereum address, or a charity you want me to donate to.

Finally, if you’re curious who wrote which runners-up reviews, you can find a list here. I’ve tried to include full names only for people who explicitly told me to do that, first name plus last initial to people who gave me their full names but didn’t give explicit permission, and pseudonyms for everyone else. I’ve also included personal websites and blogs for everyone who asked or heavily implied that I should list them. If I made an important error in how I listed your name, please email me at