This is the bimonthly (?) classifieds thread. Advertise whatever you want in the comments.

I’m experimenting with being more organized this time, so please respond to the appropriate top-level comment:Employment, Dating, Read My Blog(also includes podcasts, books, etc), Consume My Product/Service, or Other.

Remember that posting dating ads is hard and scary. Please refrain from commenting too negatively on anyone’s value as a human being. I’ll be much less strict about employers, bloggers, etc.

And here are some extra dating profiles of people I know and like:

Aella (f / 29 / Austin)
Alyssa (trans-f / 30 / SF)
Damon (m / 34 / undetermined)
Linch (m / 28 / SF)
Nate (m / 30ish / Bay? Austin?)
Rebecca (f / 30 / San Jose)
Shaked (m / 30 / NYC)