This is the weekly visible open thread. Post about whatever you want. Also:

1: In my post on the precision of sensory evidence, I cited a finding that depressed people had impaired color vision, ie literally saw the world in shades of gray. An alert reader sends me a paper that discredits one of the main results in that field. I’m not going to completely retract the claim, because there are other non-discredited papers showing the same thing, and the discredited one just showed people a sad movie rather than using real depressed people. But I appreciate the reminder that this is still controversial and needs further research.

2: ACX’s unofficial fan bulletin board, Data Secrets Lox, announced the results of their recent Best Post competition. First place was Evan on Tax prep volunteering as a window into society. Second was Bean on whaling and fishing vessels. Third was David W on chemical plant design. Check them out!

3: Somebody sent me some Javascript that could fix problems with the comments, and then I lost it. If that’s you, you can send it again and I’ll mention it on the next Open Thread, sorry.