This is the weekly visible open thread. Odd-numbered open threads will be no-politics, even-numbered threads will be politics-allowed. This one is even-numbered, so go wild - or post about whatever else you want. Also:

1: The Salt Lake City meetup group reports that COVID may have spread at their meetup. A few people there are reporting symptoms, and at least one person tested positive. If you attended, please take actions appropriate to a likely COVID exposure, like self-quarantining or getting tested (MicroCovid says that vaccinated people who attend an outdoor meetup with a known case have a 2% chance of getting sick, but since several people are reporting symptoms maybe it’s higher than that). If anyone knows of any other meetup where COVID might have spread, please let me know. I’ll list any alerts like this on open threads - but since those take a while to get up, I’ll also mention them on the top of the meetups post as soon as I hear about them. Remember, please only attend meetups if you’re fully vaccinated and don’t have any recent COVID exposure or symptoms.

2: Boston meetup today (Sunday), see here for details. New York meetup tomorrow (Monday), I’ll make a post soon. If you’re in Boston and can’t make the meetup, but want to be connected to the local rationalist/EA group in your area/university, please fill out the form here.