This is the weekly visible open thread. Odd-numbered open threads will be no-politics, even-numbered threads will be politics-allowed. This one is even-numbered, so go wild - or post about whatever else you want. Also:

1: London meetup this Saturday, October 16, 1 PM, at drums.decide.secret, aka the Barbican Lakeside Terrace.

2: Oxford meetup this Sunday, October 17, 5 PM, at analogy.lively.truth, aka the beer garden of the Star on Rectory Road off Cowley Road.

Both of these have changed since the original meetups post, but these are the correct and current locations (unless I’m wrong, in which case an organizer should email me ASAP ). Please feel free to come to these even if you feel awkward about it, even if you’re not “the typical ACX reader”, even if you’re worried people won’t like you, etc, etc, etc. Mingyuan has added an Amman meetup, so if you’re in Jordan, check it out. And regardless of where you are, check the spreadsheet to find the closest meetup to you.