This is the weekly visible open thread. Odd-numbered open threads will be no-politics, even-numbered threads will be politics-allowed. This one is odd-numbered, so be careful. Otherwise, post about anything else you want. Also:

1: I’m hoping to post a Highlights From The Comments On Orban thread sometime soon, but until then, Lyman Stone’s Twitter thread is (predictably) a good place to start.

2: And I didn’t realize one of the authors of the genetics study I wrote about last week has a FAQ about it.

3: Interesting fact: last week’s open thread got 1,151 comments. The weeks before were 285, 576, 439, and 603. The main difference is that I posted it Sunday instead of Friday, and I didn’t combine it with a meetup announcement. The last two times I posted Sunday announcementless threads, I got 887 and 845. Maybe open threads with important announcements attached feel less open and hold people back from commenting? Weird that such a small thing can have such a big effect - tell me what else I should do to get you talking!