1: Sorry, I know I said I would have the Grants results up by Christmas, but I’m waiting for the last few funder checks to clear, plus I realized if I posted something on Christmas nobody would read it. Current prediction is sometime this week, probably Tuesday.

2: Comments of the week: John Schilling walks us through his Omicron math in more detail; Chaostician on the history of using mummies to cure disease.

3: A new AI alignment fellowship has asked me to signal boost them: Principles Of Intelligent Behavior In Biological And Social Systems “invites applications from people with graduate research experience in their respective fields (e.g. evolutionary biology, neuroscience, linguistics, sociology) to conduct a ~12-week research project, suggested and mentored by experienced AI alignment researchers”. You can learn more at https://www.pibbss.ai/ , application deadline is 1/16/22.