This is the weekly visible open thread. Post about anything you want, ask random questions, whatever. You can also talk at the unofficial ACX community subreddit, Discord, or bulletin board. Also:

1: Time to start the book review contest! You’ll find the entries in four Google Docs: A-H, I-S, T-T, T-Y. If you want to help, please open one of those at random, then pick a review at random. Or pick the review you find most interesting. Anything as long as you don’t start at the beginning of the list ; I want to spread ratings across reviews as evenly as possible. Once you’ve read the review, go to the review rating form here and send me your 1-10 rating. Then pick a new review and keep repeating this process for as long as you have the patience and interest to continue. I’ll also be going through these, and the reviews that have the best ratings (from me and from other readers) will get promoted to finalists and posted here.

2: Related: if you entered the contest, but your review isn’t included in the documents or isn’t listed as an option on the dropdown in the rating form, please email with “This is a genuine nonspam message” somewhere in the text so my spam filter doesn’t eat it, let me know what’s missing, and maybe send me a backup copy in case the original got lost.

3: New moderation decisions: bans for Dors and Survivedwithcannabis. Medium warnings (50% of ban) for JSTR, CC, Jack Wilson, Joseph Bronski, Crazy Jalfrezi, and Adept. Minor warnings (25% of ban) for Essex and Sapient Fungus. If you want to appeal any decision, please write up your argument, start a conditional prediction market on whether I’ll agree that your appeal was worth my time to read (include your argument in the market description and subsidize it with an ante of at least M100 or equivalent on some other site), wait a week, and if the prediction market is higher than 25% then you can send me an email with a link to the market and argument and I’ll look at it.

4: I’m still planning to be at an Irvine meetup on Monday, see this post for details.