1: There’s a great new article out on effective altruism and the Carrick Flynn campaign: The Esoteric Social Movement Behind This Cycle’s Most Expensive House Race. “Flynn . . . remains confident that even a small number of lawmakers, armed with the ideas of effective altruism, can bend the hinge away from destruction and back toward flourishing.” And my friend Miranda interviewed him here, along with Dylan Matthews from Vox. Although the articles mention his generous PAC support, Flynn can’t use that money himself, and he still needs a last infusion of direct funding for his real campaign before the election on Tuesday. If interested, please donate here, up to a maximum of $2900 for the primary and general. I think this is important enough that I’ve donated and moved the Open Thread a day early to get this announcement out when it can still do some good.

2: DeepMind’s AI alignment team is hiring researchers and software engineers.