This is the weekly visible open thread. Post about anything you want, ask random questions, whatever. ACX has an unofficial subreddit, Discord, and bulletin board, and in-person meetups around the world. 95% of content is free, but for the remaining 5% you can subscribe here. In this week’s news:

1: Spencer Greenberg is a former ACX Grants winner and generally great person. He is now running a mini-grants-program of his own. He encourages applications from “anyone who has a project or idea aimed at having a big positive impact on the future of the world (grant sizes starting at $10,000, but going up to a conceivable maximum of $500,000)”. Read more and apply here.

2: Speaking of turning money into big positive impacts on the future, Sam Altman writes in to say he enjoyed the recent book review of The Future Of Fusion Energy , and that he predicts Helion (the fusion startup he’s a leading investor in) has a 85% chance of Q > 1 D-T fusion by 2024, and a 65% chance of Q > 1 D-He3 fusion by 2026.