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1: AI safety startup Conjecture is doing another hiring round, deadline December 16 (sorry!) Positions available in research, engineering, cybersecurity, finance, and strategy. Jobs are in London and “in person by default”, but they do sponsor visas and help with relocation.

2: In response to my post on crypto, a reader writes that he’s trying to do econ research on cryptocurrency in developing countries. So far he’s able to track the crypto, but he’s having trouble correlating it with migration flows. He asks:

[I’m] looking for a way to estimate immigration flows at a relatively high frequency from as many countries as possible. Given that unauthorized migration flows are seldom (never?) captured by official statistics at a higher than monthly frequency (see Migration Data Portal), I’m open to any thoughts ACX’ers may have here no matter how imperfect, outside the box, or labor intensive to execute they might be.

If you have any thoughts, DM him on Twitter here, or leave a comment below and he’ll find it.

3: I should have already emailed everyone who expressed interest in helping charities who lost their funding during FTX’s collapse. Now there’s also a job matching service for nonprofit workers who lost their job; thanks High Impact Professionals.

4: A common response to my post on cryptocurrency is that while there are some theoretical and actual good uses for cryptocurrency, the vast majority of existing crypto (by money) has nothing to do with this and is pointless (or mostly-pointless) speculation. I agree with this perspective, and wanted to do so publicly in case my last post sounded too rosy.