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1: Thanks to everyone who helped rate book reviews last week. I have enough ratings to feel comfortable assessing most of the reviews, but there are still some that need more. Remember, you can read the reviews in one of the four alphabetically-sorted Google Docs (A-G, H-S, T-Th, or W-Z), and rate them 1-10 at the review rating form here. I’d especially appreciate more ratings for the reviews that haven’t been rated enough yet; I’ll list these in a comment at the bottom of the Open Thread.

(Update: the list of reviews that especially need more ratings is here.)

2: The DEA has announced it will be reconsidering the proposed new policy I complained about in The Government Is Making Telemedicine Hard And Inconvenient Again. Alert reader jonpalisoc1024, who noticed this and posted it to the subreddit, wrote:

I want to make note of this, particularly as Scott seemed really pessimistic about public comment changing HHS/DEA’s mind. I admit I disagreed with this - in my experience, Departments/Agencies take public comment very seriously, and they acknowledged the issues here and started the process for correcting them. I do not disagree that government does a ton wrong (and I know people will still grumble this mess shouldn’t have happened in the first place, which I understand, although many in the previous thread made some great points why there probably should be at least some safeguards for remote prescribing), but this looks like a case where public comment did its job.

Thank you jon, thank you DEA, and thank you everybody who wrote to the DEA with concerns and suggestions!

3: Update from ACX Grantee Trevor Klee:

We got the data back from our pilot trial in cats. Data looks really good and it seems like we might have a real feline stomatitis drug on our hands (more details inmy blog post). Now we’re looking to raise $4.5 million in SAFEs at a $25 million cap to bring the drug through trials to market. If you’re interested in investing, please contact me at trevor [at] . Also if you’re not interested in investing but you’re interested in helping, I’ve put together a list of venture capitalists, angels, and potential licensing partners I’d love an introduction to.

4: Thanks to everyone who left good comments on the controversial posts last week; I hope to have at least one and maybe two Highlights From The Comments threads up soon.