This is the weekly visible open thread. Post about anything you want, ask random questions, whatever. ACX has an unofficial subreddit, Discord, and bulletin board, and in-person meetups around the world. 95% of content is free, but for the remaining 5% you can subscribe here. Also:

1: Thanks to everyone who helped rate book reviews. Using your feedback, I’ve selected sixteen finalists. The list is in this comment. I’ll post the first on Friday, and 1 - 2 more every week after that.

2: Thanks to everyone who voted on my housing economics poll from this post. In the specific scenario I mentioned, 55% of people thought building the houses would lower prices, 25% weren’t sure / it depends, and 20% thought it would raise prices. I made a mistake on the question about whether respondents had an econ degree, but among people who responded after I corrected it, the numbers were: no degree: 58/21/21, undergrad degree: 62/26/12, advanced degree: 81/14/5. Based on this I’m updating heavily towards “lower”.

3: New meetups that have been organized since last time: Athens, Cape Town. Times, dates, and locations are all still here.

4: Manifold Markets and Charity Entrepreneurship are hosting a tournament (top prize $1000) to see if prediction markets can help select among charity ideas. See here (and press the Read More button) for more.