This is the weekly visible open thread. Post about anything you want, ask random questions, whatever. ACX has an unofficial subreddit, Discord, and bulletin board, and in-person meetups around the world. 95% of content is free, but for the remaining 5% you can subscribe here. Also:

1: It was great getting to meet many of you at Manifest! Congratulations/thanks to all the organizers and the Lightcone team. I’ll write up the conference, but probably not until next week. Now that forecasting people can think about something other than Manifest, I hope to have the impact certs judged in the next few weeks, then start planning ACX Grants.

2: Brandon Hendrickson, writer of the Educated Mind review that won the recent contest, has a post up responding to comments on his piece. He also asks that people interested in helping with his project of creating Egan-inspired schools contact him; he has a contact form available here.

3: Comments of the week: does SpaceX outperform typical aerospace contractors because of the difference between agile and waterfall engineering? And are Musk’s mental health issues related to chronic pain?