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1: Some good comments on the Rene Girard book review. Given the generally anti-Girard reception, I was grateful for the few people who stepped up to defend or explain him. Skaladom recommends a professional Girard exegete named Johnathan Bi (lectures here). Neil Scott notes that Sam Kriss has a recent Girard article. Deiseach on memetic crisis and Girard’s theology, Zbigniew Lukasiak on the social usefulness of religion, and Hal Johnson suggesting other books. And thanks to Bill Benzon for highlighting that Tyler Cowen considers Girard one of the top twenty thinkers of the second half of the 20th century. I would love to know more about Tyler’s interpretation of Girard and the single-victim process. Maybe in the context of recent events?

2: And some good comments on the ketamine post. Thomas Reilly says the study was underpowered. Awais Aftab compares to a recent very positive trial of ketamine vs. ECT. Eremolalos on a meta-analysis. Nate Praschan argues that anaesthetics might block ketamine directly.

3: Condolences to everyone in AI right now, I hope you’re all okay.