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1: A commenter emailed me to complain that, although I said I unbanned him, the unban never went through. I talked to Substack, who confirmed that no unban has ever gone through, oops, sorry. I’ve found one other case and resolved it, but if I told you I was unbanning you and you aren’t unbanned, email me at and I’ll try to fix it.

2: Related: I have heard your many complaints about page/comment loading speed and passed them on to Substack; my contact there said they’re “pretty sure we’ve got plans to improve this.”

3: Ben Todd tried to reproduce my calculations about GPT-6 and found it will only take 0.1% of the world’s computers to train, not 10%. I haven’t double-checked his work or figure out where we disagree, but it sounds like a more reasonable (though still immense) estimate.