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1: Comments of the week: UncleWeyland on what it would mean for Alzheimers to be/not be a prion disease. And Richard Fuisz says the RIMS1 gene (mentioned in the links post; postulated to cause blindness + increased IQ) doesn’t actually make you blind; nobody has checked the IQ claim yet, but here’s how Richard thinks about it. And a correction: the article about phages was from Asimov Press, not Works In Progress.

2: Last year Manifold Markets held a prediction market conference/festival, Manifest, in Berkeley. I thought it was a lot of fun. They’re going to do it again this year, June 7 to 9th, you can get tickets here, cheaper early bird tickets ($249) are first come, first serve.

3: I won’t have a voting guide up in time for the California primary on Tuesday, but Jessica Ocean of the PsychCrisis blog has interesting thoughts on Proposition 1 (mental health funding).