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1: A message from ACX Grantee 1DaySooner: California is considering a law to ban things that emit ozone. As unintentional collateral damage, this bill would ban far-UV light, a new disinfection technology that can potentially eliminate all indoor respiratory diseases, but which also creates trivial amounts of ozone. Far UV is almost ready for deployment, and could potentially save tens of thousands of lives yearly. 1DaySooner, a health-related charity, is trying to convince the California government to exempt it from this law, or at least to remember that it exists when writing the exact text of the bill. They are asking Californians to write to their representative about this. Representative Buffy Wicks is on a relevant committee, and support from her constituents (Berkeley, Richmond, and north Oakland) would be especially helpful. I’ll post more information - including what you can say to your representative - as a comment below.

2: Thanks again to everyone who purchased Unsong. And my former co-blogger Ozy has also published a novella this month, Her Voice Is A Backwards Record , “an adaptation of Neil Sinhababu’s paper Possible Girls” about whether “if modal realism is true, can I have a loving relationship with someone from another possible world?”

3: New subscribers-only post: Contra Hoel On Nerd Culture.

4: Thanks to everyone who came to the meetup last week - and it was good to see some of you at Manifest too. I’m continually grateful to the venue, Lighthaven, for hosting ACX meetups for free. They’re looking for more customers; if you’re doing a conference or event in the Bay Area, please check them out.