[[Update 7/30/21: I am officially closing this project. There is no need to take these surveys any more and any further responses won’t be counted.]]

All right, here goes.

This is a project to support studies by ACX community members, by getting readers to fill out research surveys. You’ll fill out the General Demographic Information survey first, then however many additional surveys you have the patience for.

Please start with Survey #0 (general demographics). After that, in order to prevent a scenario where the first few surveys get lots of responses and the last few get none, please jump to the survey corresponding to your date of birth. So if you were born on the 16th of the month, start with survey #16 (“Personality”), then when you’re done move on to survey #17, and so on. Keep going until you’re bored and don’t want to take any more surveys. Since there are 24 surveys and 31 possible birth dates, numbers 25-31 are redirects to other numbers. I would be surprised if anyone had the patience to take all 24 surveys here, but if you do, feel free to boast about it in the comments so we can praise you / be concerned about you.

Some surveys are targeted at specific populations, for example “psychedelic users”. If you’re not in the population, you can skip the survey. If you spot a survey targeted at you, consider skipping the usual order to take that one first.

Other surveys are on potentially sensitive or controversial topics - for example, one on incest (it’s by an anthropologist! They’re supposed to be interested in that kind of thing!) If any survey makes you uncomfortable, please just skip it. One survey is also on autogynephilia, a controversial topic related to transgender that many trans people find offensive. I trust the researcher involved to handle the data in a sensitive way, but again, if you’re uncomfortable, please skip it.

If you notice any surveys that aren’t working, please tell me in the comments. Without further ado:

0:General Demographic Information (take this first!)

1: Biostasis and Cryonics
2: Family Demographics And Homosexuality
3: Health-Related Quality Of Life
4: Digital Literacy
5: Depression (targeted at people with depression/anxiety)
6: Weight Gain/Loss
7: Meditative Experiences
8: Understanding Your Beliefs
9: COVID-19 Impact
10: Moral Curiosity
11: Autogynephilia In Trans Women (targeted at trans women)
12: Sexual Fantasies
13: Psychedelic Effects (targeted at psychedelic users)
14: Attitudes About Business (targeted at people in tech)
15: Incest Attitudes
16: Personality
17: Gender Identity
18: Rhyme (targeted at non-native English speakers)
19: Attentional Focus And Performance Orientation
20: Behavior During COVID
21: Optical Illusion (may take a little while to load, be patient)
22: More Psychedelics
23: Metaphysics
24: ACX Customer Satisfaction Survey
25: Go to 1
26: Go to 4
27: Go to 7
28: Go to 10
29: Go to 13
30: Go to 16
31: Go to 19