I accidentally missed some Book Review Contest entries, so I want to make sure I have everything lined up right for the Reader Survey. Below is a list of surveys I’m currently planning to include. If you sent me an email before the deadline, please confirm that your name is there. If it’s not, please don’t email me about it - we’ve already established that I don’t get your emails for some reason. Instead, leave a comment below with your information.

The list:

- A on biostasis/cryonics
- T on male homosexuality **
- A on health-related quality of life
- N on uniformity illusion **

- K on digital literacy
- E on depression (targeted at depressives)
- …and on weight loss
- S on political compressability
- G on bullshit jobs
- R on moral curiosity
- T on autogynephilia (targeting trans women)
- …and sexual fantasies
- C on psychedelics (targeting people who have tried them)
- K on business (targeting people in tech)
- D on incest ***
- M on personality
- D on meditation
- R on gender identity
- …and rhymes (targeting non-native English speakers)

Surveys with a *** don’t ask for user ID. While you’re not required to do that, consider adding a question about it in if you want increased demographic information about your respondents.

Please also let me know if I got who to target your survey at wrong.

This is my preliminary draft of the generic demographics collecting survey. Please check it out if you’re running your own survey here. If it doesn’t collect some demographic you want on your survey, please edit your survey to collect it yourself. If your survey repeats something that this one already collects, you can probably remove it.

I’ll probably get this started this Friday, so make any changes you need before then.