I promised you all that once I was done with the main round of ACX Grants, I would run Grants ++, where I publish the proposals that didn’t get funded here, so readers could look at them, see if they’re interesting, and maybe get in touch and offer funding.

Two things have made this harder than expected.

First, a lot of people gave pretty unclear instructions about whether they wanted me to include their proposal in this, or changed their minds halfway through, in a way that would require me to keep track of a lot of emails about whose minds changed how many times, or to reconstruct long edit histories.

Second, I have 656 proposals. Some proposals are multiple pages. The full list is 2096 pages long. Even if I divide that among ten posts, that’s still 210 pages per post.

I’m going to solve this by inflicting more work on you, the applicants. If you’re still interested in participating in Grants ++, please write one paragraph about your proposal. Examples:

I’m Sheev Palpatine, and I’m looking for funding to create a moon-sized battlestation. Imperial Star Destroyers can handle normal tasks, but to really project space power we need a mobile base capable of annhilating a planet in a single strike. As Galactic Emperor, with a sector-wide network of scientists, engineers, shipping yards, and military personnel, I believe I’m uniquely placed to take advantage of this opportunity. Currently I need one hundred fifty quadrillion Galactic Credits, and also I would also love to hold a ten minute Zoom call with anyone who has expertise in designing exhaust ports. If you can provide funding or advice, please email sidious@coruscant.gov.

Homunculus LLC is a startup working on developing the Philosopher’s Stone, which would lead to universal immortality and infinite wealth. Our CEO, Nicholas Flamel, has a PhD from the University of Paris and is universally recognized for his work deciphering hieroglyphics. Our CTO, John Dee has a PhD from Oxford and served as court astrologer to Elizabeth I. We believe that precise application of quicksilver while Aries is in the ascendant is the secret to creating the Stone; you can read our white paper at homunculus.com/white-paper. We’re looking for seed investments between 10,000 and 100,000 gold florins; if you think you can help, please email inquiries@homunculus.com.

Grug think maybe if hit stone with flint, stone get hot. Spark come out of stone. Then put spark on pile of dry leaves. Can create fire, use to cook food. Unlock more calories from food, maybe solve world hunger. Grug work with Og. Og shaman of great power, beloved by gods. He technical co-founder. So far have many other stone, but no have flint. Tribe down river want fifty shells for give Grug flint. Grug no have fifty shells. If have fifty shells, please send to Bitcoin address 3FZbgi29cpjq2Gjd4m4GFg7xJaNVN2ab98. If have question, can find Grug next to big tree.

I’ll allow a maximum of 1500 characters (you don’t have to use all 1500). If you want to give people more information, you can include a link to a website or white paper that says more.

I’ll allow requests from startups iff they seem charitable in some way. A startup for creating drugs for orphan diseases, sure. A startup for creating a pay-to-play iPhone game, no.

If you’re still interested, please give me your paragraph at https://forms.gle/xhVTebsZgSEQ7BpeA . NO TAKEBACKS! NO CHANGES! ONCE IT’S SENT, IT’S SENT FOREVER!

Please submit by 1/28/22 if you want to be included.