Plaque spotted on an SF building. I was actually able to figure this one out; it marks the headquarters of the Bohemian Club, a secretive group of local elites whose motto is “Weaving Spiders, Come Not Here” (it’s supposed to mean that business issues should stay away while they’re at their club having fun).

This is the most reasonable and politically moderate person in Berkeley.

Okay, I admit I was ready to have Opinions on that middle one, but it’s for an animal rescue foundation.

I spent a while trying to guess whether this was real or a parody. As always in the Bay, it was real. Even DEATHGRAVE.


Least overtly political Bay Area theater performance.

Least suicidal Oakland homeowner.

Seen at San Francisco Airport. The best part was that I saw this the week that the American Psychiatric Association had its national conference in SF, so hundreds of Freudian psychoanalysts must have passed through here.

“HU = one word, two letters, infinite possibilities”. This is from the local branch of a cult that believes HU is the true name of God, no, I am not joking.

…you thought I was joking, didn’t you?

No, this isn’t about Gavin Newsom. Yes, I’m surprised too.

This sounds like the opening of an unfortunate Peter Singer tweet.

I’m cheating, this is someone else’s photo, but I did see the ad.

Cheating again, this one was in Colorado, but I think it’s from the Bay in spirit.

The Bob Avakian people (“Revcoms”) have a really impressive poster game.

More Avakian posters, but this one doesn’t do it for me. The quarterback of the 1960 Berkeley High School football team becoming the most radical revolutionary communist in the world today is the most predictable thing that has ever happened. If the quarterback of the 1960 Berkeley High School football team hadn’t become a radical revolutionary communist, I would be interested in going to the screening of a movie exploring what kind of wacky circumstances had prevented that outcome.

More Avakian posters, less subtle than usual.

The Effective Altruists and the Salvation Army need to fight. There can be only one!

The unofficial Bay Area motto.

Warmest and most human-scale recent Bay Area building.

For more ACX Gurdjieff content, see Book Review: Beelzebub’s Tales To His Grandson.

All ads in the Bay are either this, B2B apps, or somehow both at once.

This is the most reasonable and politically moderate person in Oakland.

My wife is a saint for putting up with me trying to get pictures of weird license plates while we’re driving.

I checked and this is all false.

Least identity-politics-brained Bay Arean.

Am I being oversensitive, or is this memorial plaque hinting that John Steinbeck was problematic for writing fiction?

I bet all the other districts of San Francisco were so mad that this one thought of doing this first.

“God’s is not your typical gym. Shields, the owner, is both a personal fitness trainer and an ordained minister.” (source)

And if you scan the QR code and check it out:

Not to be confused with:

I’m sorry about this one. What happened was, I was driving on the highway, I saw a truck carrying a giant metal statue of a goat with the head of Elon Musk, and I negotiated with my wife to try to get a picture of it while I drove recklessly to get a better view. This was the best I could do, so I’m going to cheat again and use someone else’s photo (source):

Again, when you go to the website, it’s a cryptocurrency thing:

The Bay Area is special because of how it feels like it’s 75% Bob Avakian revolutionary communists, 24% these people, and 1% everyone else just trying to stay sane.