Each year, I post a reader survey. This helps me learn who’s reading this blog. But it also helps me try to replicate a bunch of psych findings, and investigate interesting hypotheses. Some highlights from past years include birth order effects, mathematical interests vs. corn-eating style, sexual harassment victimization rates in different fields, whether all our kids are going to have autism, and wisdom of inner crowds.

This year’s survey will probably take 15 - 30 minutes (source: it took me 10 minutes, but I knew all the questions beforehand, so it might take other people longer). As an incentive to go through this, I’ll give free one-year paid subscriptions to five randomly-selected survey respondents. The survey will be open until about April 10, so try to take it before then.

Click here to take the survey. If you notice any problems, please ask yourself “Is this a real objection rather than a nitpick? Is there a single person in the world who will genuinely be confused/upset with this wording?” - and if the answer is yes, comment here so I can fix it.