1: I titled part of my post yesterday “RIP Polymarket”, which was a mistake. Polymarket would like to remind everyone that they are very much alive, with a real-money market available to anyone outside the US, and some kind of compliant US product (maybe a play-money market) in the works.

2: Sam M and Eric N want to remind you that you have until the end of next week to get your 2022 prediction contest entries in. Also:

We have some plans to compare (aggregates of) ACX reader predictions against various prediction markets. But there are probably much cooler things we can do which we haven’t thought of yet! If you run a prediction market and have an idea for an interesting collaboration that involves sharing our data before it’s publicly released, get in touch with us through the contest feedback form. If it’s something time sensitive (e.g. an experiment that needs to be started before the contest submission deadline), make sure you do so soon. If you don’t run a prediction market but still have an idea for something interesting we can do with the contest data, leave a comment on this open thread and we’ll hopefully see it.”

You can reach them through this form.