Thanks for reading the entries in this very delayed (and then very protracted) book review contest.

Please vote for your favorites here, using approval voting (ie vote for however many you want).

I’ll probably keep voting open until the end of June in case you want a chance to go back and re-read your favorites. In case you’ve forgotten, the finalists are:

1: Order Without Law
2: On The Natural Faculties
3: Progress And Poverty
4: Are We Smart Enough To Know How Smart Animals Are?
5: Why Buddhism Is True
6: Double Fold
7: The Wizard And The Prophet
8: Through The Eye Of A Needle
9: The Years Of Lyndon Johnson
10: Addiction By Design
11: The Accidental Superpower
12: Humankind
13: The Collapse Of Complex Societies
14: Where’s My Flying Car?
15: Down And Out In Paris And London
16: How Children Fail
17: Plagues And Peoples