If you’ve read the finalists of this year’s book review contest, vote for your favorite here. Voting will stay open until Wednesday.

Thanks to a helpful reader who offered to do the hard work, we’re going to try ranked choice voting. You’ll choose your first-, second-, and third-favorite book reviews. If your favorite gets eliminated, we’ll switch your vote to your second favorite, and so on. If for some reason I can’t figure out how to make this work on time, I’ll switch to first-past-the-post, ie only count your #1 vote. Feel free to vote for your own review, as long as you honestly choose your second and third favorites.

In case you need a refresher, here are the finalists, in order of appearance:

1 :**Cities And The Wealth Of Nations / The Question Of Separatism
: Lying For Money
3 : Why Machines Will Never Rule The World**
4** : Man’s Search For Meaning
5 : Njal’s Saga**
6** : Public Citizens**
7** : Safe Enough?**
8** : **Secret Government
9** : The Educated Mind**
10** : The Laws Of Trading**
11** : On The Marble Cliffs**
12** : The Rise And Fall Of The Third Reich**
13** : The WEIRDest People In The World**
14** : The Mind Of A Bee**
15** : Why Nations Fail**
16** : Zuozhuan

Update: There’s a prediction market, but please don’t peek at it until after you’ve voted.